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Usage examples of "batre".

While I was assing around in New Orleans, good ole Lieutenant Dan had took Sue, my friend who was a ape—an orangutang, to be exact—an gone back over to Bayou La Batre to help out with some problems runnin the srimp bidness.

Quand le pourceau demy homme on verra: Bruit chant, bataille au ciel batre apperceu, Et bestes brutes à parler lon orra.

The way we figger it, we is gonna go down to Bayou La Batre, where po ole Bubba come from, an get us some marsh land off the Gulf of Mexico someplace.

We got in the little rowboat an paddled up to Bayou La Batre an caught the bus to Mobile.

Ever mornin I'd ride the bus down to Bayou La Batre an tong up enough oysters to get us by another day, but what happens when the season is over or the beds is closed by pollution, I do not know.

And I am figgerin that maybe I could just not go to school every day anymore, but maybe come down to Bayou La Batre sometimes an help you out with the oyster-tongin bidness.

In two weeks she was settin right down in our plant in Bayou La Batre, headin up our international operations division.

Bubba come from Bayou La Batre, an work on srimp boats all his life.

They weighed so much we damn near tumped over on the way up to Bayou La Batre.