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Batha may refer to:

  • Batha Region, one of the regions of Chad
  • Batha Prefecture, a former division of Chad
  • Batha, Lebanon, one of the villages in Keserwan District in Lebanon
  • Batha, an alternate term for garrigue, or Mediterranean scrubland
  • Batha (Riyadh), a commercial area in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Batha (Riyadh)

Batha : is the oldest commercial area in the City of Riyadh, most of the Indian, Pakistani , Bangladeshi and Filipinos reside in this area.Residents of the Saudi capital have been visiting the parks or malls at night or on weekends with their families but many foreigners still visit the commercial district of Batha.Large numbers of Filipinos, Indians and Pakistanis are living in Riyadh. They were among the first foreign manpower to come to the capital city to work.