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Bassano may refer to:

Bassano (surname)

Bassano is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Alexander Bassano (1829–1913), photographer, founder of companies in London known as:
    • Bassano and Davis, of 122 Regent Street (c. 1866)
    • Bassano's Studio's Ltd, of 25 Old Bond Street, (1904–1905)
    • Bassano Limited, of 25 Old Bond Street (from 1906)
    • Bassano and Vandyck Studio, (from 1964)
  • Anthony Bassano, musician, son of the above
  • Augustine Bassano (1530–1604), composer and lutenist b. Venice , d. London
  • Cesare Bassano (1584–1648), Italian painter and engraver
  • Chris Bassano, cricketer
  • Francesco Bassano the Elder (c. 1475–1539), painter
  • Francesco Bassano the Younger (1549–1592), painter
  • Giovanni Bassano (c. 1558 – c. 1617), a Venetian composer and cornettist
  • Jacopo Bassano (c. 1515–1592), painter
  • Jeronimo Bassano, a 16th-century Venetian musician who led a family of musicians who moved to the court of Henry VIII of England
  • Leandro Bassano (1557–1622), painter
  • Louisa Bassano, a 19th-century singer, elder sister of Alexander Bassano
  • Peter Bassano, conductor, born 1945, descendant of Anthony Bassano