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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Several chapters cover the basics of clean room technology, e.g., lithography, etching and layer deposition techniques.
▪ On the floor they have a list of learning objectives that cover the basics of manufacturing.
▪ This chapter covers the basics of how to jump on and join in.
▪ They introduce the concepts of rhyme and wordplay, as well as covering basics like alphabet and spelling.
▪ They cover the basics of biosensors that could be applied and some possible limitations.
▪ The key to success in heading abroad is getting these first planning basics right.
▪ Try to counter nervousness by getting right back to basics.
▪ A constructive response to the Howie Report would be more pertinent than saloon-bar simplicities about getting back to basics.
▪ Once he gets the basics right he could be really good.
▪ He is getting the basics right.
▪ Now, however, it seems that the route to success may once again involve going back to basics.
▪ And the outcome of all this was to go back to the basics.
▪ I knew the basics in my head, but Dan went one step further.
▪ Just remember, knowing these basics is not enough.
▪ Those familiar with the story know the basics.
▪ We would spend a month at Orange learning the basics of marching, singing, fitness, weapons drill and Legion history.
▪ By learning and practicing the basics, Dan had escaped the prison of his handicap for ever.
▪ It doesn't take long to learn the basics of how to set it up and operate it.
▪ So the timing is right to learn the basics of fishing that fly-casting setup you picked up over the holidays.
▪ The penalty one pays for this is that you never really get to learn and understand the basics behind simple design.
▪ Students who avoid learning even the basics can shut themselves off from important sources in the field.
▪ I wanted to learn the basics in a one person, single-sailed Topper.
▪ By the afternoon, most have mastered the basics and become competitive, usually leading to a race home.
▪ They need to start thinking about the basics and how to win games.
▪ The best way to start is with the basics.
▪ We have decided to start with the basics.
▪ When we start with the basics, any short cuts to understanding and drawing them are valuable.
▪ First, let's start with basics.
▪ To start with the basics: A good spreadsheet needs two things - plenty of memory and the ability to calculate quickly.
▪ Mme Deloche taught me the basics I needed to learn.
▪ Leviton teaches the basics of piano one on one to the tiniest of tots.
▪ Simulator A land-based board mounted on a turntable device which is used to teach the basics before going on to the water.
▪ The program, which has spread to 150 cities, teaches the basics: throwing, catching, hitting and kicking.
▪ It is wise, however, to teach them the basics of radio and how to construct an interesting letter!
▪ In my junior year a friend, a fledgling pilot, taught me the basics of handling a small plane.
▪ I still haven't mastered the basics of English grammar.
▪ Unless we get back to basics in teaching, the standard of literacy will fall.
▪ You can do fancier things later on, after you've learned the basics.
▪ You have to understand the basics before you can move on to more advanced work.
▪ You need to learn the basics before you can start writing your own music.
▪ If you repeat the basics faithfully, your business will prosper.
▪ Several chapters cover the basics of clean room technology, e.g., lithography, etching and layer deposition techniques.
▪ What are the basics of your business?
The Collaborative International Dictionary

basics \basics\ n. pl.

  1. a statement of fundamental facts or principles.

    Syn: ABC, ABC's, ABCs, rudiments.

  2. principles from which other truths can be derived; as, let's get down to basics.

    Syn: fundamentals, fundamental principle, basic principle, bedrock.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"rudiments or fundamentals of anything," by 1934, from basic. Also see -ics. Phrase back-to-basics was in use by 1975.


n. (plural of basic English)

  1. n. a statement of fundamental facts or principles [syn: rudiments]

  2. principles from which other truths can be derived; "first you must learn the fundamentals"; "let's get down to basics" [syn: fundamentals, fundamental principle, basic principle, bedrock]

Basics (Star Trek: Voyager)

"Basics" comprises the 42nd and 43rd episodes of the American science fiction television Star Trek: Voyager, the cliffhanger between the second season and the third season.

In this episode, the Federation starship Voyager, alone in the Delta Quadrant, is lured into a trap which leads to the ship being commandeered by the hostile Kazon who forcibly remove the ship's crew to an inhospitable planet.


Basics may refer to:

  • The Basics, a band
  • Basics (album), an album by pianist Paul Bley
  • BASICS, a network of office supply dealers in Canada.
  • Basics (Voyager episode), an episode of the television series Star Trek: Voyager
  • British Association for Immediate Care (BASICS)
Basics (album)

Basics is a solo album by pianist Paul Bley recorded in 2000 and released on the Justin Time label.

Usage examples of "basics".

It had a sluggish ceiling fan and a long, long backbar filled with the basics: beer, whiskey, rum, vodka, and gin.

Sheldon told the chief about knives and forks and spoons, about cups, about chairs, pockets in trousers and coats, clocks and watches, the theory of medicine, the basics of astronomy, and the quaint Earthian custom of hanging paintings on a wall.

Everyone knows some of the basics of environmental systems: they have to, in case of disaster.

It might just be that such a long exposure to Istrian life was proving too rich for his palate, for the Master had never bothered to teach him the use of spices or those combinations of herbs with which the southerners flavored their food when he had taught him the basics of the culinary arts.

How could anyone work as a marketer of products without understanding the very basics of the product?

Tucker ran a rural general store, replacement office and a small, three-tier autofactory turning out a variety of goods such as furniture, clothing and unflavored food basics.

Each one of us was given ten blokes, and it would be our responsibility to take them from the basics and build them up.

Minogue deduced that Gallagher was restive at having to explain basics to crime ordinary detectives.

Tonight the White Flag Group is hosting a Commitment from the Advanced Basics Group of Concord, a suburb of Boston.

On this coming Friday night, a small horde of White Flag-gers will drive out to Concord to put on a reciprocal Commitment for the Advanced Basics Group.

The next Advanced Basics guy summoned by their gleamingly bald western-wear chairman to speak is dreadfully, transparently unfunny: painfully new but pretending to be at ease, to be an old hand, desperate to amuse and impress them.

But then in equally paradoxical contrast have a look at the next Advanced Basics speaker this tall baggy sack of a man, also painfully new, but this poor bastard here completely and openly nerve-racked, wobbling his way up to the front, his face shiny with sweat and his talk full of blank cunctations and disassociated leaps as the guy speaks with terrible abashed chagrin about trying to hang on to his job Out There as his A.

She was whole and strong and she knew how to provide the basics to live, and thanks to the magic she wished for no more than those basics.

Church makes sure you get all the basics, but deep down I never was able to swallow it whole.

The feuding forces of Joaz Banbeck and Ervis Carcolo battle each other for abstract advantage even as the Basics attack them both for the purpose of enslaving the last free men in the universe.