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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
be based on a misunderstanding (=happen or be done as a result of a misunderstanding)
▪ The whole argument was based on a misunderstanding.
be based on a principle
▪ A good education ought to be based on multicultural principles.
be based on an analysis of sth
▪ This work has been based entirely on an analysis of large mammals.
be based on common sense
▪ The job doesn't require much training because it's based on common sense.
be based on criteria
▪ Normal child development is based upon certain criteria.
be based on the belief that …
▪ Our policies must be based on the belief that the planet’s resources are finite.
be based on/rest on an assumption
▪ Our plans were based on the assumption that everyone would be willing to help.
broadly based
▪ a broadly based school curriculum
loosely based on
▪ The film is loosely based on the novel.
▪ The Physical Education department endeavours to provide a broadly based service for all students and staff within the University.
▪ Andersen Consulting believes what you really need is a more broadly based approach.
▪ There was much interest in a broadly based Middle Eastern Command which would enlist the willing support of the Arab states.
▪ What was a broadly based culture has become a field of specialization.
▪ The Trust's share of Wellcome represents 95 percent of its income-producing to seek a larger and more broadly based income.
▪ It is, according to the Torstar 1983 business profile: a broadly based information and entertainment communications company.
▪ I would like to propose one broadly based category which will clearly require extensive elaboration and refinement.
▪ Papers relied increasingly on locally based stringers and news agencies.
▪ Day care should be viewed as only part of a strategy and should link in with other locally based resources.
▪ Successful bids by management-employee teams would also help to meet the competition objective by establishing independent, locally based companies.
▪ Employment Training is a locally based programme that first helps you select people with the aptitude and commitment you're looking for.
▪ However, even this view of relatively autonomous, locally based development shares some of the same themes as those identified above.
▪ They would be available to share expertise, offer advice and provide an informed focus for locally based educational advance.
▪ Thriving small settlements must have an active and mostly locally based economy.
▪ This was a proposal for a loose federation of locally based groups.
▪ Andersen Consulting believes what you really need is a more broadly based approach.
▪ It is interesting that both of these organisations are using a competency based approach in the current revision of their courses.
▪ A community based approach can provide a local organisational framework more able than individuals to interact with administrative and planning institutions.
▪ Both projects, which were won against stiff competition, are for offshore fixed installations for Abu Dhabi based company Adma Opco.
▪ Morland is the subject of a one and a half million pound bid from a Suffolk based company, Greene King.
▪ They were at the sharp end of an operation conceived at the Oxford based company Unipart.
▪ The organisation spends about £5 million per year on new investments in technology based companies.
▪ The grouping formalised the situation by creating four essentially geographically based companies, even though they did stray into one another's territories.
▪ Successful bids by management-employee teams would also help to meet the competition objective by establishing independent, locally based companies.
▪ Shares in development based companies were particularly hard hit.
▪ The London based group Books Etc gave an indication of the kind of impact this had on booksellers.
▪ But the east Belfast based group vowed the show would go ahead - even if it did take some time.
▪ And for the second successive year, the St Helens based group is forced to cut its dividend.
▪ This was a proposal for a loose federation of locally based groups.
▪ The London based group Centrepoint has come up with a plan to bring together the people needed to get more homes.
▪ Ever since the personnel computer first thrust itself on to our desks it has been a largely text based machine.
▪ Associations between diseases can be established only by population based studies.
▪ More recent population based studies from the Copenhagen area in the early and late 1970s showed 7-10/100000 incidence of chronic pancreatitis.
▪ Published research on the patterns of care of attacks are dominated by hospital based studies.
▪ There have been few community based studies of mortality in Crohn's disease.
▪ The patient sample therefore resembles that of a population based study.
▪ Fault-response based systems are usually advocated when lots of reliable diagnostic information is available.
▪ There are four main areas of work, automated reasoning, intelligent robotics, knowledge based systems and speech and language processing.
▪ Further, this type of approach would soon bring the concept of a computer based system into disrepute.
▪ Applications of artificial intelligence based systems were envisaged by very few.
▪ Nevertheless, pen-based systems offer a number of distinct advantages over speech or keyboard based systems.
▪ The possibilities offered in the introduction of knowledge based systems are enormous.
▪ General practice based education is still a marginal activity.
▪ Geographically based organisations Geographically based organisations such as retail businesses readily spring to mind.
▪ He asked a street trader, who said they were the police, London based law officers.
▪ If they sail independently we have to pay additional yacht insurance and keep a shore based engineer on call to support you.
▪ Prices based on a multiple of earnings tend to require more detailed and thorough completion accounts than net asset value based prices.
▪ Recent advances in remote sensing and computer based processing of digital imagery may overcome such problems.
▪ This can be termed politically based inequality.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Base \Base\ (b[=a]s), v. t. [imp. & p. p. Based (b[=a]sd); p. pr. & vb. n. Basing.] [From Base, n.] To put on a base or basis; to lay the foundation of; to found, as an argument or conclusion; -- used with on or upon.


Based \Based\ (b[=a]sd), p. p. & a.

  1. Having a base, or having as a base; supported; as, broad-based.

  2. [See Base, n., 18-21.] Wearing, or protected by, bases. [Obs.] ``Based in lawny velvet.''
    --E. Hall.

  1. founded on; having a basis; often used in combining forms v

  2. 1 (en-past of: base) 2 Being derived from (usually followed by '''on''' or '''upon'''). 3 Having a base#Noun 4 Having a base of operations.

  1. adj. being derived from (usually followed by `on' or `upon'); "a film based on a best-selling novel"

  2. having a base; "firmly based ice"

  3. having a basis; often used as combining terms; "a soundly based argument"; "well-founded suspicions" [syn: founded]

  4. having a base of operations; "a company based in Atlanta" [syn: based(p)]

Usage examples of "based".

There was no redness or swelling around the entry site, so the medical examiner concluded that based on the apparent symptoms, the death was from natural causes.

By then TWA had decided that Rachel should be based at Dulles Airport in Virginia-meaning that her flights would originate and terminate there, even though she was trying to make a home for herself with her new husband on the coast of North Carolina.

They are organized based on various regions of the world where the UN has a sanctions regime in place: ISET Alpha is assigned to Asia and the Pacific.

Iranian mischief and the crazies of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Oman, which is based next door in Yemen.

I think that he reports every day to his handler how many people are in the camp, based on the number of loaves he delivers here.

I think I can disable the instructions we gave it earlier, slow it down, and re-program it to follow guidance from here based on what we see from its onboard camera.

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Louis Browns, George Shaefer and others, he at once begun pulling wires looking toward the formation of an organization based on the old American Association lines, one that should do away with many of the evils that now exist.

His study of the comparative anatomy of living animals, especially vertebrates, taught him to reconstruct the form of entire creatures based on just a few bones.

According to Groube, who is based in France, it is simply not true that the world of deep antiquity was in a population crisis, or certainly not a crisis of overpopulation.

This was based on a year of twelve months containing alternately, thirty days and twenty-nine days, giving a total of 354 days.

Later, a daughter library, the Serapeion, housed in the temple of Serapis, a new Graeco-Egyptian cult, which may have been based on Hades, the Greek god of the dead, held another 40,000 scrolls.

He had a deep interest in physics, biology and genetics, ridiculed the idea that man had a special place in the cosmos, did not believe in life after death, individual destiny, or that the mind can exist independently of the body, preferring logical explanations for phenomena, based on experience.