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The Collaborative International Dictionary
base price

base price \base" price`\ (b[=a]s" pr[imac]s`), n. the initial price of something (goods or services) without the additional charges that may be added, such as handling or shipping charges, sales tax, optional equipment charges, etc.

Usage examples of "base price".

To be on the safe side they are calculating the base price of two-fifty.

These days, Lathrop thought, the base price of a Del Mar home with an ocean view was maybe six, seven hundred grand, and that was if you were talking about something the size of Monopoly board real estate, where you had to stand tiptoe on the roof with a set of binoculars just to catch a glimpse of the water.

Or consider the automobile dealership: the salesman does his best to obscure the car's base price under a mountain of add-ons and incentives.

It was the sort of house which murmurs a base price of two hundred thousand, and once you get a look at the inside, you can start upping the estimate.