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Basak (surname)

Basak (Bosak) ( Bengali বসাক) is a Bengali Hindu surname in the Bengal region, Bangladesh and assam and in some district of bihar. In Bangladesh, West Bengal and assam this surname is written as basak while in some district of bihar this surname is writeen as basak and bosak. The name is also spelt Bysack or Basacks by different families. In Bengali and assam region they usually belong to caste Kshatriya and Vaishya,Tantubais, Karmakars, Bania. While in some districts of Bihar specially adjacent district of West Bengal like Katihar, Purnea and Kishanganj they are bolongs to chaupal caste. Chaupal caste is considered as scheduled caste under Government of Bihar. The Basaks are the original inhabitants (along with the Seths) of Sutanuti where Job Charnock later founded the city Calcutta.

Basaks/bosak have 6 categories. In Bengali region they are Tantubais, Karmakars, Bania, Kayasthas, Baishyas and chaupal.


Basak may refer to:

  • Basak, Iran, a village in Iran
  • Basak, Mandaue, a barangay of Mandaue, Province of Cebu, Philippines
  • Basak, Bais City, a barangay of Bais City, Negros Oriental, Philippines
  • Başak, a Turkish given name or surname
  • Basak (surname), a Bengali Hindu family name
  • Bassac River or Basak
  • Basak, a theatre form in the theatre of Cambodia