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alt. 1 (context military US English) (initialism of basic allowance for subsistence English) 2 (initialism of Bachelor of Applied Science English) n. 1 (context military US English) (initialism of basic allowance for subsistence English) 2 (initialism of Bachelor of Applied Science English)


n. (plural of BA English)

Bas (name)

Bas is both a given name and a surname. As a given name in Dutch it is short for Sebastiaan ( Sebastian). Notable people with the name include:

Given name:

  • Bas Balkissoon (born c. 1952), politician in Toronto, Canada
  • Bas van Bavel (born 1964), Dutch historian
  • Bas of Bithynia, (c. 397–326 BC), first independent ruler of Bithynia
  • Bas Bron, Dutch musical artist and producer of mostly electronic music
  • Bas de Gaay Fortman (born 1937), Dutch politician and scholar
  • Bas Giling (born 1982), Dutch professional road bicycle racer
  • Bas Jan Ader (1942–1975), Dutch conceptual artist, performance artist, photographer and filmmaker
  • Bas Leinders (born 1975), Belgium racing driver
  • Bas Pease (1922–2004), British physicist
  • Bas Roorda (born 1973), Dutch football (soccer) goalkeeper
  • Bas Rutten (born 1965), Dutch mixed martial arts fighter and color commentator
  • Bas Savage (born 1982), English professional footballer (soccer)
  • Bas van de Goor (born 1971), Dutch volleyball player
  • Bas van der Vlies (born 1942), Dutch politician
  • Bas van Fraassen (born 1941), Netherlands-born American philosopher


  • Bernardo Bas (born 1919), de facto Federal Interventor of Córdoba, Argentina
  • Cornelis Bas (1928–2013), Dutch mycologist
  • Giulio Bas (1874–1929), Italian organist and composer
  • Hernan Bas (born 1978), U.S. artist based in Florida
  • Noël Bas (1877–1960), French gymnast
Bas (rapper)

Abbas Hamad, better known by his stage name Bas, is an American rapper from Queens, New York. He is signed to J. Cole's Dreamville Records and Interscope Records. His first studio album Last Winter, was released on April 29, 2014, followed by his second studio album, Too High to Riot that was released on March 4, 2016.

Usage examples of "bas".

Lord Bas, and none will find my blade averse to being wetted through black robes!

Cormac and his nine men, with Wulfhere and Samaire and Bas the Druid, awaited them.

At last Cormac took Lugh and Bas, and scaled a talus formed by the slippage of rock over thousands of years.

With Bas and the archer, Cormac moved inland, well above the level of the beach, the valley of the castle, and his own men.

Hand over hand, not hurriedly so as to avoid jerking Bas and Lugh, he went up, and up.

Cormac was outside in the bright sunlight, summoning Bas the Druid and Lugh, the Meathish hunter whom the Gael had surnamed the Manhunter.

Celtic and Gaelic gods, Bas of Tir Conaill who had been a noble of Eirrin.

Now he muttered, and Cormac, understanding no word, knew that Bas spoke in the Old Tongue that only druids knew.

Then, as the seated Bas spoke on, droning now, Cormac took note of that rich and outsized chair.

Now Bas, with no visible rancor whatever, looked down at the ancient throne, ran his hands over it.

The dead man moved too fast to be struck where Bas aimed, between the shoulder blades.

With his soiled robe flapping in a little breeze, Bas walked away to be alone with himself and his gods.

Then, each with an arm about the other, they went for Bas, in the Castle of Atlantis.

Once Cormac had blown through his nostrils like a tracking hound, Samaire and Bas did the same.

Despite the odour of putrefaction, Bas was pacing along the curving length of the dead reptile.