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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bart \Bart.\ n. an abbreviation of baronet. [Abbrev.] ``Since he was a baronet he had to be addressed as Sir Henry Jones, Bart.``

Syn: baronet.




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Usage examples of "bart".

Within the pack, Bart examined the worms of tension that crawled through his belly, leaving acid trails.

Even at rest Bart could easily see the difference between the lankers and the zerkers.

When Bart turned zerker, he was going to be as good a fighter as Volf and as smart as his father.

Around them the men laughed and Bart could hear the warriors betting on how long it would take him to pin his friend.

He tried to hold on tighter while attempting to rock Bart back onto his stomach, but Bart suddenly slackened his hold on one wrist and then ducked under the other, twisted and ended above him in a cross-body pin.

Instinctively Bart lunged around the huge trunk of the Bulbata and crashed into another whelp who had dived for safety from the other side.

Dyfid said shortly, pulling the animal straight so Bart could start skinning it.

But his eyes held the fire of a zerker warrior, the fire Bart hoped would soon shine in his own eyes.

Where Bart had been born into the best quarters of The Home, son of a zerker Pack Leader, Dyfid had been born to a field hand in steerage, and he took food very seriously.

Where Bart was fair, tall and built like the flexible ashflower tree, Dyfid was short, dark and shaped like an aged burlpine, knotted and scrawny, and furrowed with scars.

He watched Dyfid and Guntor cluster around Bart, while the other whelp, Mariko, hung around them.

Black haired, and slightly shorter, he was twice as wide as Bart, with heavy muscles and a fiery energy that made him bounce with every stride.

As soon as Bart turned zerker and was initiated as a warrior, Mikhail was going to work his butt off.

Four blinding slashes and Bart lay limp in the midst of the writhing parts of a dozen or more snakes.

Bart tried to attract his attention but, although Mikhail had the far sight, his gaze seemed to slide over Bart every time he glanced in his direction.