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Barretts (barony)

Barretts is a barony in northwest County Cork in Ireland. The name is from the Old English Barrett family.

Barretts is bordered by the baronies of Muskerry East to the south-west, Duhallow to the north-west, Fermoy to the north, Barrymore to the east and the Barony of Cork to the south-east. Until 1836, Barretts and Muskerry ( East and West) were interlaced with detached fragments of each other; land transfers by the Grand Jury (Ireland) Act 1836 regularised and consolidated their respective territories.

There are four civil parishes in Barretts:

  • Donaghmore - Less than half of parish is in Barretts. The majority is in East Muskerry.
  • Garrycloyne - A small part (most is in East Muskerry).
  • Grenagh - except for one townland that is in East Muskerry
  • Mourneabbey

The largest settlement in Barretts is Whitechurch.