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n. (plural of barrel English) vb. Third person singular of barrel.


n. the amount that many barrels might hold

Usage examples of "barrels".

The tracked, armored, motorized forts called barrels were the best thing anyone had yet found for breaking the deadly stalemate of trench warfare.

I intend to concentrate all the barrels in First Army and hurl them like a spear at the Confederate line.

Colonel, I will have you know that I was one of the people involved in designing barrels, and that I am also one of the people responsible for formulating the doctrine in use for most of the past year.

General Custer have similar views about how barrels should be employed.

Roosevelt felt like seeing for himself how the barrels were deployed, everything could still cave in, like a trench with a mine touched off below it.

Here came barrels, a few, widely spaced, rumbling toward and then through the belts of barbed wire in front of the trenches of the Army of Northern Virginia.

Dowling could come up with half a dozen reasons why the devil not, starting with the need to refit and reinforce the barrels and ending with the geography.

Having led the column of barrels that made the breakthrough, Morrell was in very good odor at First Army headquarters.

The barrels opened up on them with cannon fire and their own machine guns.

Morrell had seen that before: barrels were machine-gun magnets, attracting fire that might have been more profitably aimed against foot soldiers.

But, when barrels finally gave him the means to do some real ramming, he made the most of them, as a more subtle general might have been unable to do.

Do please recall, we did win victories with barrels used as we suggested.

Negro laborers had dug a great ditch, too wide for the barrels to cross and deep enough to be sure to bog them down.

Soldiers in butternut, white and col ored, kept fighting till the barrels and the U.

Some of the gun crews stayed till they could fire at the advancing barrels over open sights.