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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Barken \Bark"en\, a. Made of bark. [Poetic]

  1. (context poetic English) Made of bark. v

  2. (context intransitive UK dialectal Scotland English) To become hard or form a crust, like bark.

Usage examples of "barken".

On the final night, as it happened, Buffo the Great, having barkened to the voice of drunken Russia, went out to celebrate his departure from the Capital of Vodka together with the Ape-Man.

Her intent was to inspire awe in those who viewed her, to barken back to the fabled Time of Titans.

Jane as she started impulsively for the door, so she was forced to wait until Barkens, the butler, performed his proper task.

The match, especially against so vile a foe, barkened back the glory days of the Order.

There was a familiar presence about him, something that barkened back to the crossing of the great mountains, something about Charbonneau and that Snake woman of his, what was her name?

Not for naught had he gained access into darksome cults, had barkened to the grisly whispers of the votaries of Skelos under midnight trees, and read the forbidden iron-bound books of Vathelos the Blind.

But I have barkened to you since ye entered my dilapidated manse, and I wot ye speak Novarian as do those bom to the Twelve Nations.

Similar things had happened in various firefights and patrols since, though nothing quite as dramatic as the Australian event, and when he had felt the cold touch of it on his shoulder, he had barkened to it.

Colin took the liberty of barkening too, and immediately heard what Moonshine referred to.

I thought the least he could do was crack another bottle of claret, seeing as he was getting eternal life dirt cheap and I was obtaining only half the profit from this bizarre transaction but he was temporarily blind and deaf to the world, barkening only to the invisible angels shouting in his ears, so I rapped loudly with the book upon the table and that brought one of his bullies in, at the double -- out of a door of a secret kind concealed in the panelling.

He was sitting his horse right under their bough, waving his sword and trying by cnes and appeals to stem the rout of his army, in much the same vein as Truentius on the other side was barkening on his host.