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Barin may refer to:

  • Prince Barin, a character in the Flash Gordon stories
  • Barin, Iran (disambiguation)
  • Deh Barin, a village in Fars Province, Iran
  • Baarin, a village in northern Syria

Usage examples of "barin".

Esmay could recite them forwards and backwards, without knowing for sure if she and Barin had done anything wrong, or if going where they had talked about going was forbidden.

Esmay moved to a seat midway up on the left side, and then spotted Barin, front row right, already seated and looking compact and composed.

She ignored the desperate look Barin gave her and abandoned him to his fate.

She did have a Tactics study group meeting, but she had hoped for a few more minutes with Barin, in which she could ask him about his interpretation of the rules governing personal relationships between officers not of the same rank, or in the same chain of command.

Harcourt was still looking at him, and Barin realized he was expecting a comment.

Commissioning Day festivities, and Leah had blown up at Micah in the junior wardroom in a way that reminded Barin painfully of Esmay.

The briefing officer, a commander Barin did not know, paused for questions.

That made no sense to Esmay, but clearly she should stay away from Barin until she got that figured out.

Dully, she recounted the story of her first sight of Brun arguing with her father, and what followed, up to the point where Barin arrived.

For just an instant, in profile, Barin saw a flicker that might have been panic, but her calm returned.

Ferradi, and Barin hoped very much no such look would ever be turned on him.

They all stared at Barin and the guards, but there was less noise than he expected.

The youth whom Shan Kar had called Barin was shouting in a high, ringing voice, the other horsemen and the great beasts gathering toward him.

The wolf still lay senseless, and the youth Barin was bleeding from a crease-wound across the temple.

The wolf Tark was gazing fixedly at Barin and Nelson heard his thought.