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She came downstairs quite proud of her knowledge of business, and Baret said that next Sunday he and his wife would have the honour of bringing me my purchase.

I was consoled by her swearing to be mine as soon as Baret had good grounds for thinking that she was his, and, after taking her on the Boulevards, I left her at her door, with a present of twenty-five Louis.

After many compliments had been interchanged, Baret decided on having his sister stay in the house while his wife was away, and as I took leave I said that, I should give orders for their reception that very evening, in case I was out when they came.

Before long Baret came down and scolded the poor girl for not having told him of my presence.

Baret will be able to come and sleep with you every night, and start early enough in the morning to be in time for the opening of his shop.

The charming Baret spent a week with me, and each day we renewed the combat in which we were always conquerors and always conquered.

My dear Baret having made me waste a score of louis, which her poor husband would have regretted much more than myself, we got into the carriage again, and I took her to the church door from which we had started.

I recollected the circumstance, and the reader will remember that I was with Madame Baret, the fair stocking-seller.

What was my surprise to see Madame Baret, the stocking-seller of the Rue St.

Madame Baret was seventeen, of a moderate height, and an exquisite figure.

My jewel, Baret thinks, or pretends to think, that he has done his duty as a husband.

Ande quen this Bretayn wat3 bigged bi this burn rych, Bolde bredden therinne, baret that lofden, In mony turned tyme tene that wro3ten.

For me think hit not semly, as hit is soth knawen, Ther such an askyng is heuened so hy3e in your sale, Tha3 yghe yghourself be talenttyf, to take hit to yourseluen, Whil mony so bolde yow aboute vpon bench sytten, That vnder heuen I hope non ha3erer of wylle, Ne better bodyes on bent ther baret is rered.

The gome vpon Gryngolet glyde3 hem vnder, Thur3 mony misy and myre, mon al hym one, Carande for his costes, lest he ne keuer schulde To se the seruyse of that syre, that on that self ny3t Of a burde wat3 borne oure baret to quelle.