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vb. (en-third-person singular of: bare)


Bares is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Allen Bares (1936–2008), American lawyer and politician
  • Peter Bares (1936–2014), German organist and composer

Usage examples of "bares".

For an instant, the barest instant, after the cape had settled about her, I rested my hands on her upper arms.

I realized then I should have permitted Bares to towel my body, drying it.

She looked at Bares, and then she knelt before me, and pressed the half-gourd into her naked belly, head down, then lifted it to her lips, and lingeringly kissed it, then proffered it to me, kneeling, arms extended, trembling, head down between her arms.

I bent down and, with the help of Bares, got the hatchling to my shoulders.

In the incubation shed, Bares, looking down at Taphris, held the half-gourd cup.

For a moment he was confused, caught between his interrupted dialogue with Aide and Baresmanas' idle query.

A full two thousand of Baresmanas' household troops showed up outside his tent, at the crack of dawn.

As soon as he arrived, Baresmanas made a little sweeping gesture with his hand.

Although a chair had been provided for him, Baresmanas apparently felt that his stern message would carry more weight if delivered standing.

By the time the Persian officer finished imparting whatever report he had brought with him, Baresmanas' expression was impassive and opaque.

After concluding an initial round of discussions with Baresmanas, Theodora had summoned her top advisers and officials.

The praetorian prefect had handled that part of the initial discussions with Baresmanas.

As soon as Baresmanas returned to the small palace in which the Persians had been housed, right in the middle of the imperial complex, she strode into the main salon, scowling fiercely.

Tahmina had described to Baresmanas how the Hun who held her by the hair had taunted Belisarius.

He had already learned, from Baresmanas, that Kurush had been charged by Emperor Khusrau to be the Persians' principal military liaison with Belisarius and his Roman forces.