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a. (en-comparative of: bare)

Usage examples of "barer".

He made his road by the barer ridges, and circumvented the hollows or crossed them where matted furze or hazel made a foundation.

Fortunately the landlord found someone to fix the door that afternoon, and by the end of the day her living room, though somewhat barer than it had been, no longer looked as if someone had been rehearsing Ragnarok there.

The camp was run by five old men who lived plainer and barer than anybody else, for the greater glory of God.

A legate entered every dwelling in the city to make sure no precious thing remained, while Cassius himself led three of the legions into the countryside and stripped it barer than carrion birds a carcass.

And behind the first came a second, even barer, as its full clothing was a twist of drab stuff about the loins.