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n. A tool for pressing woodcuts, consisting of a disk with a coil of string glued to one side, covered with a smooth sheet.


Baren (馬連、馬楝) is a Japanese hand tool used in printmaking processes such as woodcut or lino cut.

The baren is a disk-like device with a flat bottom and a knotted handle. Paper is placed on an inked block and the baren is used to burnish (firmly rub) the back of a sheet of paper to pick up ink from a wood or linoleum cut.

Baren (author)

Baren (; 1901-1972), was a modern Chinese writer, critic and translator.

Baren was born Wang Renshu to a needy family in Fenghua, Zhejiang. He went to elementary school when he was 8, and entered the Fourth Normal School of Zhejiang in 1915. After graduating from normal school in 1920, he became a grade school teacher. In 1923 he started to write short stories and poems, and joined the Literature Research Society. One year later, Baren became a member of Communist Party of China. In 1930, he joined the League of the Left-Wing Writers. When the anti-Japanese War broke out, Baren stayed in Shanghai to publicize anti-war culture at first. In 1941, he went to Indonesia, pursuing the anti-war movement. He returned to China in 1948.

After the founding of the People's Republic of China, he served as Chinese Ambassador to Indonesia and the director of People's Literature Publishing House. Baren was persecuted to death during the Cultural Revolution.

Baren preferred fiction writing. He created collections of short stories Jail, Shack, In the Decline, Martyrdom, novellas Vagrant Life of Ah Quei, Badge, the novel Rebellion of Mang Xiucai and so on. His literary theory work On Literature was heavily influenced by the ideals of U.S.S.R. critics.

Baren (TV Denmark)

Baren is the local season of the reality The Bar in Denmark. The show was aired in 2001 and 2002 with 2 seasons in total. TV3 is the channel was aired.

Baren (TV Norway)

Baren is the local season of the reality The Bar in Norway. The show was aired in 2000 and 2001 with 2 seasons in total. TV3 is the channel was aired.

Baren (TV Sweden)

Baren (known as Baren Pop up) is the sixth season of the reality The Bar in Sweden. Presenter of the show is Paolo Roberto.

Usage examples of "baren".

This he beheld from Morna Moruna, whereof he saith: 'The contery is hylly, sandy, and baren of wood and corne, as forest ful of lynge, mores, and mosses, with stony hillies.

Here is a mighty stronge and usid borow for flying serpens in sum baren, hethy, and sandy grownd, and thereby the litle round castel of Morna Moruna stondith on Omprenne Edge, as on the limit of the worlde, sore wether beten and yn ruine.

But now is time to you for to tell *How that we baren us that ilke night*, *what we did that same night* When we were in that hostelry alight.

But now is tyme to yow for to telle How that we baren us that ilke nyght Whan we were in that hostelrie alyght, And after wol I telle of our viage, And all the remenaunt of oure pilgrimage.