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Barba (which means "beard" in Spanish, Portuguese and Italian) is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

Usage examples of "barba".

Crying out his sherbet with a hoarse croaking, carrying the bronze can in his right hand and in his left the little basket with the snow hi it, Barba Jannis approached, hideous with his pointed head.

Yet there were two men hi the town who did see him: Barba Jannis and Horsedung Efendina, the hodza who was weak in the head.

Tell Barba Jannis the salepi vendor to come to me in the konak this evening and amuse me.

When there was unrest in the air, Barba Jannis was the first to scent it.

When he went too far, he sometimes got a box on the ear, and the Turks threw lemon peel and rotten tomatoes at him, but this did not stop Barba Jannis from letting his tongue work on.

But Barba Jannis has his saber and his letter of freedom and his folly.

Because of the great heat Barba Jannis had ordered three assloads of snow from Psiloritis and now ran up and down with his bronze can to bring refreshing coolness to the agas.

So it had come about that Barba Jannis was the only free man in Megalokastro.

Just as he was about to mount the horse, there appeared before him, locked in a close embrace, the two seers of spirits, the two choice fools of Megalokastro, Barba Jannis and Efendina.

Era, nos dice, un hombre consumido y terroso, de ojos grises y barba gris, de rasgos singularmente vagos.

Calvo, corpulento, enlutado, de quevedos ahumados y barba rubia, esperaba de pie, junto a la ventana, el informe confidencial de la obrera Zunz.

The hallucination of Barbas disappears and Phoebe sees Paige lying there unconscious.

For the next several months Barbas would be convenient for a slingshot maneuver, by which traffic outbound from Magaria would pick up speed by slinging themselves around it en route to the wormhole.

It was possible that the cruiser could swing around the near side of Barbas and hurl itself for Wormhole 1.

 It was equally possible, and a good deal more probable, thatJudge Kybiq could make a slight, last-minute alteration of course, then slingshot itself around thefar side of Barbas and head for Wormhole 4 and an interception ofCorona.