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If we had not captured the French rear-admiral Andre Baratte I would see his hand in this.

But Baratte was released, exchanged for Lord Derwent who was captured in Spain.

Bolitho was still pondering the stupidity of those who had chosen to exchange Baratte for some English aristocrat.

It was said that Baratte hated the English as much as he loved France.

He said, "Like Baratte, I suppose I have always been a frigate captain at heart.

If he had been right about Baratte, would he already know of his old ship's departure from England under her new name?

He had heard that even when promoted to commander and given a ship after that last battle with the French rear-admiral, Baratte, he had not wanted to leave Bolitho.

If they fell in with Baratte again out here where one great ocean met another, might he himself be offered the same choice?

In the past Baratte had used neutrals, even one against the other to disguise or aid his motives.

And what if another enemy arrived in the meantime, perhaps even Baratte himself?

It could only mean that Baratte did not yet have full facilities for docking or careening any of his vessels.

Apart from the remainder of the monks they had discovered some twenty masters and other officers from the many prizes taken by Baratte and his ships.

To provoke Baratte even at such a terrible risk, or was it to show the people he was amongst them, to give all that he had for them?

Bolitho answered coldly, Then I have failed, and by tomorrow Baratte will have found Commodore Keen's convoy.

It would be a double blow to Baratte that his ship should be taken by Adam.