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pre. (alternative form of bary- English)

Usage examples of "bar-".

Her attention diverted momentarily to the dock, where a front-end loader was rolling toward her with a couple of containers, one large and one small, with bar-code tags addressed to Keff.

He put down the broom and led them through the shop, palmed open a rear door and showed them unopened cardboard boxes, all bar-coded and listing the contents in English, French, German and either Japanese or Chinese .

Got quite handy with bar-gaining, even when those Barevian merchants were being damned stingy.

The bar-coding on the carton had been damaged so there was no way of knowing how long ago the line had been manufactured, but Kalvi was eager to put it to the test with some of the big ones that swam in the tropical waters.

He thoroughly enjoyed the company of the two gentlemen from the Bar-20, whose actions seemed to be governed by whims and who appeared to lack all regard for consequences.

They were expensive hours to the Bar-20 puncher, who finally arose with an apologetic grin and slapped his thigh significantly.

And the idea that he, Hopalong Cassidy, of the Bar-20, could not shoot such a thief!

Shortly afterward Red called out, and almost immediately the Bar-20 puncher crawled in through a window.

He must 'a' struck a match an' seen where that Bar-20 cayuse was an' then took the first one nearest that wasn't it.

The Bar-20 cared very little about what went on at Perry's Bend —that was a matter which concerned only the ranches near that town— as long as no vexations happenings sifted too far south.

But whatever we do we've got to start it right quick an' have it over before that Bar-20 gang comes back.

When we get them out of the way we can take Jackson's store an' use one of the other shacks and wait for the Bar-20 to ride in.

Besides, I've heard of your fellers before—I'll tie to the Bar-20 any day.

He knew that the Bar-20 man was right but he hated to admit it, he hated to say he was whipped.

His name was Tex Ewalt and he cordially hated all of the Bar-20 outfit and Hopalong in particular.