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Usage examples of "bapt".

For one instance, Jacob Brady Russum's baptismal name is longer than he is, so we redub him more aptly Tim Trimm.

Most of the men also donned clothes nattier than overalls and also went to church: Trimm to the Baptist, Roozeboom to the Methodist, Rouleau to the Episcopal—that being the closest thing to Roman Catholic in Lexington—and even Hannibal went seeking a black congregation of some denomination.

Similarly striped was the huge, circular baptistery, a little way distant from the cathedral's façade.

I always think of the baptistery as the exposed giant breast of some pagan Titan goddess buried under all this holy Christian ground.

After the benediction of the river, one of the priests actually baptized children in that marrow-freezing water, dipping them down through the hole cut in the ice.

And when, ten years after his baptism, he sets himself, at the request of some, to a consideration of what he then was at the moment of making his confessions, 13 he refers hardly at all to this sin of his youth.

As these matters have been examined in the notes, we need not do more than refer the reader to the Index of Subjects for the evidence to be obtained in this respect from the Confessions on such matters as Baptism, False Miracles, and Prayers for the Dead.

But after his baptism, during his second residence in Rome, he resumed the study of Greek with greater zest, for the sake of his biblical studies.

Thou sawest, O Lord, how at one time, while yet a boy, being suddenly seized with pains in the stomach, and being at the point of death-Thou sawest, O my God, for even then Thou wast my keeper, with what emotion of mind and with what faith I solicited from the piety of my mother, and of Thy Church, the mother of us all, the baptism of Thy Christ, my Lord and my God.

I beseech Thee, my God, I would gladly know, if it be Thy will, to what end my baptism was then deferred?

If not, whence comes it that it is still dinned into our ears on all sides, "Let him alone, let him act as he likes, for he is not yet baptized" But as regards bodily health, no one exclaims, "Let him be more seriously wounded, for he is not yet cured!

The doctors of the Church endeavoured to discourage this, and persons baptized on a sick-bed ("clinically") were, if they recovered, looked on with suspicion.

The Emperor Constantine was not baptized till the close of his life, and he is censured by Dr.

On the postponing of baptism with a view to unrestrained enjoyment of the world, and on the severity of the early Church towards sins committed after baptism,see Kaye’s Tertullian, pp.

Straightway, as soon as I could talk to him (which I could as soon as he was able, for I never left him, and we hung too much upon each other), I attempted to jest with him, as if he also would jest with me at that baptism which he had received when mind and senses were in abeyance, but had now learnt that he had received.