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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
banqueting hall
▪ Again the Collector heard the crash of cannons from the banqueting hall.
▪ Besides, the banqueting hall was small and the Collector could not get far.
▪ Even if shot to pieces the commanding position of the banqueting hall would still make it defensible.
▪ She had gone through rather a bad patch since she had come to live in the banqueting hall.
▪ Soon the Residency and the banqueting hall were virtually stripped.
▪ The banqueting hall was now filled with ladies and children, refugees from the Residency.
▪ The dragon, gliding across its vast emptiness, was a mere gilded fly in a banqueting hall.
▪ Whatever had taken place in the banqueting hall after my departure, there was now a genuinely celebratory atmosphere amongst the guests.

Usage examples of "banqueting hall".

Gabool sat once more in his banqueting hall, chin in claws as he slouched across the table and spoke to his bell.

And when we sit in the banqueting hall below, there will be only me, at one end of the table, and thee, at the other.

Grander and far more expansive than the Royal Dining Hall, the Royal Banqueting Hall boasted eight fireplaces, in each of which burned a massive tree trunk, the traditional Imbrol Log.

He made a motion with his hands and the lights in the banqueting hall dimmed.

The companions of Ruggieri sat in the banqueting hall of his palace, debating their future conduct: they spoke in whispers, for they feared that a louder tone might overpower any sound in the streets.

He had some difficulty making his invitation plain to them but their sleep had been so completely interrupted that they dressed and followed him to the banqueting hall.