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Banos or Baños may refer to:

  • Banos, Landes, a commune in the Landes department of France
  • Baños de Agua Santa, a city and popular tourist destination in Tungurahua Province, Ecuador
  • Baños Canton, Ecuador, of which Baños de Agua Santa is the capital
  • Baños District, Peru
  • Baños, Azuay, a suburb of Cuenca, Ecuador
See also:
  • Baños de Ebro
  • Baños de la Encina
  • Baños de Molgas
  • Baños de Montemayor
  • Baños de Tajo
  • Baños de Valdearados
  • Battle of Puerto de Baños

Usage examples of "banos".

Back of the ancient wharfs, that dated from the days when Porto Banos was a receiver of stolen goods for buccaneers and pirates, were rows of thatched huts, streets, according to the season, of dust or mud, a few iron-barred, jail-like barracks, customhouses, municipal buildings, and the whitewashed adobe houses of the consuls.

By force of example he had made existence in Porto Banos more possible.

For women and children Porto Banos was a death-trap, and before "old man Marshall" came there had been no influence to remind the enforced bachelors of other days.

When the sun sank into the swamp and the heat still turned Porto Banos into a Turkish bath, they threw dice on the greasy tables of the Cafe Bolivar for drinks.

I don't wish to deprive you of any of the many pleasures of Porto Banos," he added, smiling, "but if you were refused a landing at your next port I would blame myself.

I'll tell him I've seen Porto Banos, and that it's just the place for him.

And now, before their actual eyes, they saw the village of Porto Banos, a black streak in the night, a row of mud shacks, at the end of the wharf a single lantern yellow in the clear moonlight.

For as my father's odalisque, she had been privy to a great many wicked things in his caravan — all of his conspiracies with his cronies — in the time since her good husband, Banos, had been taken in the tithe.

Moreover, I know of a certain thrall called Banos, who has not taken any woman of the manse in all the time he has served me.

 In a high-security compound in a remote corner of the Sovietbuilt air base at San Antonio de lose Banos on the island of Cuba is a company of Spetsnaz troops whose area of operations is Central and South America.

Karen said she was going to hitchhike home or hitch to Los Banos Lake.

The stench reminded her of an ill-tended jakes—or certain public banos she'd encountered on her sole South American tour.

Two Fettermans had wants or warrants, one was a twenty-two-year-old black male out of Philadelphia wanted on a burglary charge, the other was a thirty-one-year-old white male from Los Banos, California, wanted for grand theft auto.

To these banos, as I have said, some private individuals of the town are in the habit of bringing their captives, especially when they are to be ransomed.