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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

in phrase banns of marriage (late 12c., spelling with double -n- attested from 1540s), from Old English bannan "to summon, command, proclaim" (see ban (v.)). Also probably partly from Old French ban "announcement, proclamation, banns, authorization," from Frankish *ban or some other Germanic cognate of the Old English word.


Bann may refer to:

  • Banns of marriage
  • River Bann, in Northern Ireland
  • River Bann, in Wexford, Ireland
  • Bann, Germany, a municipality in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany

Usage examples of "bann".

Everyone else in the castle she harangued with the same questions: how many banns had been posted, when, and where.

We posted those blasted banns in every village of over fivescore inhabitants.

Until they were finally fully banned, psychotropic drugs had been common at comedy clubs for the terminally humorless.

The scummy reinforcements were at least four or five thousand strong, and their banners flapped in the breeze.

Fetch me some water for my burning breast, To cool and comfort me with longer date, That, in the shorten'd sequel of my life, I may pour forth my soul into thine arms With words of love, whose moaning intercourse Hath hitherto been stay'd with wrath and hate Of our expressless bann'd inflictions.

He'd been in the tiny highland village of Tummas when he'd seen the first bann, nailed to the side of a ramshackle bothy.

He'd ridden to the edge of Caithness, turned around, and come back, ripping down banns all the way, ranging like a maddened beast from Lowland to Highland.

Along the main roadway that ran down the center of the city, brilliantly colored banners waved and flapped in the breeze.

Not only wasn't his home a ruin of ashes scattered across the valley floor as it was supposed to be, there were bloody welcome banners flapping from the turrets.

He realized they would soon be in clear sight of the first of those banners and he hadn't told Jillian the truth: that there was absolutely no mistaking who was expected because he hadn't been entirely truthful before—the dozens of banners hung throughout the city really read "Welcome back, Gavrael.