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a. (context UK dialectal Northern England Scotland English) hilly; sloping.


Banky or Bánky is both a given name and a surname. Notable people with the name include:

  • Vilma Bánky (1901-1991), Hungarian-born American silent film star
  • Viktor Bánky (1899-1967), Hungarian film editor and director
  • Banky Yeung, a theatre playwright, director and actor in Hong Kong

Fictional characters:

  • Banky Edwards, a fictional character in several movies by director Kevin Smith

Usage examples of "banky".

Old Stradlater was one of his pets, because he was the center on the team, and Ed Banky always let him borrow his car when he wanted it.

It just drove me stark staring mad when I thought about her and Stradlater parked somewhere in that fat-assed Ed Banky's car.

I kept laying there in the dark anyway, though, trying not to think about old Jane and Stradlater in that goddam Ed Banky's car.

We once double-dated, in Ed Banky's car, and Stradlater was in the back, with his date, and I was in the front with mine.

I sat down in this vomity-looking chair in the lobby and thought about her and Stradlater sitting in that goddam Ed Banky's car, and though I was pretty damn sure old Stradlater hadn't given her the time– I know old Jane like a book– I still couldn't get her off my brain.

Every time I got to the part about her out with Stradlater in that damn Ed Banky's car, it almost drove me crazy.