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banking industry

n. banks collectively [syn: banking system]

Usage examples of "banking industry".

The grand majority of the one hundred seventy thousand employed by the Swiss banking industry chose to remain comfortably silent.

It did not make looking for a job in the banking industry any easier.

Kyle then told me that the Justice Department, the banking industry, and the media were all over him like a cheap suit.

He was a refugee from Beirut, Lebanon, one of their top bankers before a war wrecked the banking industry there and ran him out.

Targets included electric power grids, nuclear and hydroelectric stations, the chemical and mining industries, the air traffic control system, the banking industry, the stock markets, hospitals, naval warships, supertankers, oil and gas pipelines, and the railroad system.

He says he survived several years of working on multimedia and Internet startups in the US before heading overseas, where he is now employed as a programmer in the banking industry.

In the days before nukes, my land had always maintained neutrality, based around our banking industry.