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Banka may refer to:

  • Banka, Bihar, a town in Bihar, India
  • Banka district, Bihar, India
  • Banka, Uttar Pradesh, village in Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Bankə, Azerbaijan
  • Banka, Cameroon
  • the Banka Gold Mining Project operated by Mwana Africa plc, in Ghana
  • Banka, Piešťany District, a village in the Trnava Region (Piešťany District) of Slovakia
  • the Basque language name for the commune of Banca, Pyrénées-Atlantiques in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques département of France
  • the old name of Wanhua District, a district in Taipei, Taiwan
  • Banka (Lok Sabha constituency)
  • Sant Banka, Mahastrian Saint, and brother in law of Chokhamela
  • Banka, an island roughly between Sumatra and Singapore, see Bangka Island
Banka (Lok Sabha constituency)

Banka Lok Sabha constituency is one of the 40 Lok Sabha constituencies in Bihar state in eastern India. This comprises the Banka district.

Banka (Vidhan Sabha constituency)

Banka Vidhan Sabha constituency is one of 243 legislative assembly of legislative assembly of Bihar. It is part of Banka lok sabha constituency along with other assembly constituencies viz Amarpur, Katoria, Belhar and Dhoraiya. In Bihar Legislative Assembly election, 2015, Banka was one of the 36 seats to have VVPAT enabled electronic voting machines.

Usage examples of "banka".

Diane, having made her way through the close-clustered Thousand Islands and having crossed the notorious Tulang shoal with three fathoms to spare, was approaching the Banka Strait, Johnstone met Stephen on the half-deck, the one coming, the other going.

Jack that evening, when the frigate was threading the strait between Banka and Sumatra, less than ten miles broad in places.

His Excellency was good enough to point that out to me yesterday - perhaps he showed you the same map- - and I will make the same reply to you as I did to him: as the prevailing winds lie at this season, it is quicker to go back to Batavia by the False Natunas than by the Banka Strait.

Burmah, Ceylon, the Malay peninsula, Sumatra, Java, Hainan, Banka and Borneo.

Chief rivers are the Bhagirathi, Damodar, Ajai, Banka, Kunur and Khari, of which only the Bhagirathi is navigable by country cargo boats throughout the year.

Marblehead was so badly mauled off Banka next day that she had to be sent home.

In the evening, with the eastern tip of Banka Island just lifting over the red and gold horizon to the west, they had seen a submarine surface not two miles away, then move away steadily to the north.

That they had moved many miles south in those days Nicolson was well aware, for the current set due south from Straat Banka to the Sunda Strait eleven months out of twelve: but there was no movement relative to the water surrounding them, nothing that the human eye could see.

When Lawrence Eagleburger left the State Department in 1984, having been ambassador to Yugoslavia, he became simultaneously a partner of Kissinger Associates, a director of a wholly owned banking subsidiary of the Ljubljanska Banka, a bank then owned by the Belgrade regime, and the American representative of the Yugo mini-car.