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bank robbers

n. (bank robber English)

Usage examples of "bank robbers".

While bank robbers probably wouldn't stand politely in line with the paying customers in Omaha or Atlanta, there was no reason to believe they wouldn't in this peculiar little town.

The Deputy Marshal turned away to gather the posse and the bank robbers into a compact group, one posse member to each robber.

I'm pretty sure, if the bank robbers are in this vicinity, they're in that camp.

So now she'd go after bank robbers and he would remain free and she wanted to cry.

All this time and commitment and incredibly hard work, and she was going to go after bank robbers.

Tourists shrieked as two scruffy bank robbers suddenly opened fire on the sheriff.

If there weren't any bank robbers, the police car would be right here this second, the cops giving him a bad time for being out after curfew.

Immediately the bank robbers, as one, started firing right at him.