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The Collaborative International Dictionary
bank on

bank on \bank on\, v. t. Depend on; be confident of.

bank on

vb. To be sure of something. To depend on it.

Usage examples of "bank on".

The witnesses remembered this because they thought it odd to see a man dressed as a woman trying to get into the bank on Veterans' Day.

I'll bank on it that he went to get help and just didn't want to wake us up.

Remembering the left-handed setup on the sniper rifle I could just about bet the bank on at least one more.

She could bank on being liked and indeed cultivate her own likableness as she cultivated her poisons in that labora­.

It was severely constructed of gray stone, and all the openings were covered with thick metal bars--but these defenses were negated by the fact that there were other buildings joined to the bank on both sides.

Beginning with a kind of throbbing agitation which held a fiendish suggestion of conscious action, the bit of bank on which I stood detached itself from the grassy shore and commenced to float away.