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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
bank manager
▪ He was a red-blooded assistant bank manager.
▪ It throws into doubt the claim that the call was intercepted by a retired bank manager in Oxfordshire.
▪ Like that deep trog of a bank manager I went to see at the end of my first term at university.
▪ Most people think at once of their bank manager.
▪ She didn't think her bank manager would be very pleased if she ran over her credit card limit as well.
▪ The lock-manufacturer fixed the combination, and he has told the bank manager.
bank manager

n. manager of a branch office of a bank

Bank Manager

Bank Manager is a 1959 Bollywood film starring Kamini Kaushal.

Usage examples of "bank manager".

What we do have now are some rather interesting figures supplied us less than half an hour ago by Chessingham's bank manager.

She went out first and went on to the dressmaker, and Jack went into the bank manager's office to see about the draft for fifty-eight pounds payable to Lucia Tereno at Chieti, Italy.

So the bank manager and the tellers had tried to persuade their clients that there was really no need for any anxiety, that false rumors were being spread by malicious people.

It also took him a few moments to get used to a bank manager who didn't wear a waistcoat or a black tie.

That savings bank manager, that Haxalt, for all we know he goes home at night and dresses up like Joan Crawford.

Adolf Zuckerman walked into the lobby of the Banque de France and approached the desk where the bank manager sat.

She had read in the paper that the bank manager had a pregnant wife and two small children.

He also had to stay overnight in a local hotel, because Nora wouldn't part with her grandfather's 'heirloom', as she now kept referring to it, until her bank manager had phoned Cambridge to check that Robert Henry Kefford III was good for two hundred pounds.

He wore a thin, careful moustache like a small-town bank manager, which was what the cards in his wallet declared him to have been.