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bank loan

n. a loan made by a bank; to be repaid with interest on or before a fixed date

Usage examples of "bank loan".

Or the charterer's signed contract that was necessary to support the bank loan that he did not have, yet.

For all we know, he's up in Hicksburg negotiating a new bank loan.

I'm going on the bank loan so he can get into the business he wants.

Now all he needed was another big whack of cash so he could pay off his bank loan on Monday.

Prospero Jenks would soon be pressing hard for the diamonds for his fantasy, and the bank loan hung like a thundercloud in my mind.

And if he gets bitched in the suit because of something leaking out of this firm, then we are never going to put together another deal in this area that requires a bank loan, because no bank is going to accept any paper when we're the broker involved.

Kiddie, by then in her 40s, twice married with a couple of daughters, daringly used her life savings and a bank loan to buy the company.

Someone who can buy you presents and vacations and houses and cars without having to get a bank loan.