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bank holidays

n. (bank holiday English)

Usage examples of "bank holidays".

I had never heard of Tesco's, Perthshire or Denbighshire, council houses, Morecambe and Wise, railway cuttings, Christmas crackers, bank holidays, seaside rock, milk floats, trunk calls, Scotch eggs, Morris Minors and Poppy Day.

If any doubts remained on the subject, this should have proved that the two were not professional bank bandits, since professionals presumably would know about national bank holidays.

My experience of bank holidays is that I need a break from long periods of study, so I spend more time over meals.

It's not like having to go to a factory every day, eight-thirty to five-thirty, with three weeks off in the summer, not forgetting bank holidays.

All those weddings, Bank Holidays, Christmases, birthdays, Sunday afternoons.

He was a cab driver, and bank holidays were always busy and kept him out late.

For those who object to seek any materials for the Gospels outside of Syria, it may be suggested that the gospel story was an attempt to fortify Judaism by an identification of the Babylonian and Hebrew festivals, just as people in recent years have tried to make `Empire Days' and such out of Sir John Lubbock's purely humanitarian `Bank Holidays'.

My assignment in Broadway is to spot the gang stealing cars on bank holidays in this area.