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bank guard

n. a security guard at a bank

Usage examples of "bank guard".

As I put the key in the lock, my sleeve pulled back, and I saw by my wristwatch it was only eight-fifteenstill quite awhile before I could expect the bank guard or any of our other employees to show up.

Tracy watched as the bank guard finished distributing fresh blank deposit and withdrawal slips into the metal trays on the six tables lined up along the center aisle of the bank.

There had been a spate of bank robberies over the last few months, at least four on the Witwatersrand and during one of them a bank guard had been shot dead.

They killed the bank guard, as I mentioned, and five other people apparently for no good cause.

He was getting off the stool when he saw the door opening, saw the bank guard step out and slam the door behind him.

Even from across the street, Rafe saw the bank guard give a satisfied nod before he started off into the rain.

Croyd's guardian had walked across the bank lobby, past the teller cages, and was speaking to a pudgy, white-haired bank guard who sat on a stool near one of the back doors.

As it was speaking, the robot bank guard reached out its large padded hands to seize and hold me until the police arrived.