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bank clerk

n. an employee of a bank who receives and pays out money [syn: teller, cashier]

Usage examples of "bank clerk".

It was strange to hear the expression come from the lips of this dignified middle-aged bank clerk.

He was aware that most crime in any society is either carried out against, or witnessed by, the little people, the shopkeeper, the sales assistant, the postman or the bank clerk.

First he saw the bank clerk, Victor Willis, who Miss Stanford had said loved Grace Field, and whom Hatch suspected Miss Stanford loved.

He may be taking on more responsibilities than the typical bank clerk would expect to meet in a marriage.

There was one picture of a big, heavyset woman aiming a rifle at a bank clerk.

He was a lively and personable young man with a fair complexion and ruddy hair and moustache, whose cheque red career had included bank clerk, transport rider, citrus farmer, guide to Lord Randolph Churchill's Africa expedition, author and mining magnate.

It combines James Dean, Porfiro Rubirosa and a teen-age bank clerk with a foolproof embezzlement scheme.

True enough, even if his mother had known that the bank clerk was someone’.

Once he did ask me what the weather had been like the day before, when I had been down to Yas Island or somewhere, and afterwards the remark stuck in my mind, because it had been a thundery sort of day and something in the words he used were well informed for a bank clerk.