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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
bank balance
▪ He had a bank balance that a senior merchant banker would not be ashamed of.
▪ It's the psychological equivalent of having a flashy red sports car plus the bank balance and looks to match.
▪ The bank balance assured him of continued calm.
▪ The clever ones soon discovered that while banknotes could be seized a bank balance could not.
▪ Until Helen discovered what appeared to be a mistake in their bank balance, that is.
▪ Your bank balance might be given a pleasant surprise.
bank balance

n. The amount by which a current account is in credit or deficit.

Usage examples of "bank balance".

Did the man never think of anything beyond his balls and his bank balance?

Countless pop stars and name photographers had added to her notoriety and bank balance.

I said I would be happy to take whatever standing I merited, and showed him my bank balance (one of them) and offered a check for a years fees.