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Bandora (instrument)

The Bandora or Bandore is a large long-necked plucked string-instrument that can be regarded as a bass cittern though it does not have the re-entrant tuning typical of the cittern. Probably first built by John Rose in England around 1560, it remained popular for over a century. A somewhat smaller version was the orpharion.

The bandora is frequently one of the two bass instruments in a broken consort as associated with the works of Thomas Morley, and it is also a solo instrument in its own right. Anthony Holborne wrote many pieces for solo bandora. The multiple lute settings of Pacoloni appear both with and without optional wire-strung instruments.


Bandora may refer to:

  • Bandora (instrument)
  • Bandora, Goa, a town in Goa, India
  • The Bandora Gang, characters in the Super Sentai series, Kyōryū Sentai Zyuranger

Usage examples of "bandora".

All I wanted to do was stay at home on Bandora and build our station into the best damn property in Australia.

You even dangled those little tidbits about Bandora in front of me and I snapped at the bait like a hungry trout.