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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Just turn it on, and bam, you're ready to go.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

bam \bam\ (b[a^]m), n. [Prob. a contr. of bamboozle.] An imposition; a cheat; a hoax.

To relieve the tedium, he kept plying them with all manner of bams.
--Prof. Wilson.

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

interjection, imitative of the sound of a hard hit, first recorded 1922 (from 1917 as the sound of an artillery shell bursting). Middle English had a verb bammen "to hit or strike" (late 14c.). A literary work from c.1450 represents the sound of repeated impact by Lus, bus! las, das!, and Middle English had lushe "a stroke, blow" (c.1400); lushen "to strike, knock, beat" (c.1300).


interj. 1 Representing a loud noise or heavy impact. 2 Representing a sudden or abrupt occurrence. n. 1 (context Scotland slang English) ned, bampot. 2 (context dated English) An imposition; a cheat; a hoax. vb. 1 (context 1811 slang archaic English) To impose on (someone) by a falsehood; to cheat. 2 (context slang archaic English) To jeer or make fun of.


Bam or BAM may refer to:

BAM (magazine)

BAM (Bay Area Music), was a free bi-weekly music magazine founded and published by Dennis Erokan in the San Francisco Bay Area starting in January 1976 and continuing on for 23 years until 1999. BAM's editorial focus when it was first published was on covering the musicians and culture of the local Bay Area music scene but expanded to cover the entire California music scene when it began publishing separate Northern and Southern California editions in the 1980s. The magazine's first issue featured a Bay Area map on the cover.

In the mid-1980s the magazine reached its largest circulation of 130,000 throughout the state of California, after opening an office in Los Angeles. The expansion was accompanied by a change in editorial focus, widening coverage beyond its original mandate of focus on the music of the Bay Area. In the mid-1990s the magazine suffered reductions in circulation and financial difficulties until at the time of its final issue the circulation was 55,000.

Beginning in 1978 and continuing until the magazine ceased publication in 1999, BAM magazine presented the Bay Area Music Awards, also known as the Bammies, in an annual awards ceremony honoring accomplishments of the Bay Area music community. The awards ceremony continued for a couple more years with its name changed to the California Music Awards and absent its prior focus on the music of the Bay Area.

In 2011, BAM magazine returned as a web-based magazine at, which is operated by Dennis Erokan, the original founder and editor for the BAM print publication.

Bam (neighborhood)

Bam is a neighbourhood of Tirana, Albania. It is located west of the central boulevard.

Bam (nickname)

Bam is a nickname for:

  • Bam Aquino (born 1977), Filipino politician
  • Bam Childress (born 1982), American retired National Football League player
  • Sam Cunningham (born 1950), American retired National Football League player
  • Bam Margera (born 1979), professional skateboarder and television personality
  • Bam Morris (born 1972), American retired National Football League player
Bam (surname)

Bam is the surname of:

  • Marvin Bam (born 1977), South African field hockey player
  • Melinda Bam (born 1989), Miss South Africa 2011
  • Mohan Bam (born 1991), Nepalese judoka
BAM (film)

BAM is a 2015 National Film Board of Canada animated short film by Howie Shia about a shy young man with a violent temper who struggles to reconcile the two sides of his personality, in a retelling of the myth of Hercules. It was one of the first films created entirely in 4K UltraHD by the NFB.

The filmmaker's brothers, hip-hop artist Leo Shia (also known as LEO37) and composer Tim Shia, composed the film's musical score and did the sound edit. Shia says the film was partly inspired by their grandfather, a high-ranking police official in Taiwan who was also a calligrapher and poet, "coming from a tradition of learned gentleman who also partook in violence one way or another." BAM was produced for the NFB by Maral Mohammadian and Michael Fukushima.

The film premiered at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival and was nominated for an Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television Award for Best Animated Short at the 4th Canadian Screen Awards.

Usage examples of "bam".

She had leased more land from Dobie, built a new broodmare barn and a stud bam, purchased ten well-bred broodmares, and leased three more plus a stallion.

Looking down, she saw pombi feet, Fon feet, and Mavin feet all in movement, pom, pom, pom, pom, as the bright music tootled and bammed around them.

A blurry image came into her mind of Jass leading some nigra out of the bam.

So do I, Rachmed Baya Bam, chosen by the Almighty to be the head of the Inner Light Movement.

They heard Rachmed Baya Bam following them, almost running to keep up.

Rachmed Baya Bam, Pruiss had insisted the Indian accompany them to the airport to inspect the arrival.

Furlong County General Hospital for the occasion, and Rachmed Baya Bam helped roll him down the ramps in his wheel chair.

Rachmed Baya Bam insinuated itself over the clearing as he kneaded the useless legs of Wesley Pruiss.

Tons and tons of them, all grown in another town in the Kerman region, the tree-lined twelfth-century citadel of Bam.

Paks hauled dung from the bams twice a day, pitched straw, bedded stalls, carried feed.

There I halt, because a vehicle I've never seen before is parked behind the bam: a customized Chevy van that no doubt isn't charcoal, as it appears to be, for the moonlight alchemizes every color into silver or gray.

Thunder bammed again, the sound so close and splintery this time that Peter jumped.

He knelt in the dirt a moment, tenderly feeling his mouth, while the hundred or so spectators cheered and honked some more and clapped and bammed their hands against their hoods and fenders.

Electricity winked and bammed around us as the rain came in silvery, wind-whipped sheets, heeling us to starboard, obscuring the far markers.

He perceived that she was looking affronted, andadded: "Not bamming you!