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Baluchistan (Chief Commissioner's Province)

The Chief Commissioner's Province of Balochistan ( Urdu: بلوچستان ,چیف کمشنر صوبہ) was a province of British India, and later Pakistan, located in the northern parts of the modern Balochistan province.

Usage examples of "baluchistan".

In 1892 he was appointed agent to the governor-general in Baluchistan, in succession to Sir Robert Sandeman, his intimate experience of the Baluchis, gained during his railway work, having specially fitted him for this post.

This Baluchistan hound of mine, which my cousin offered to exercise for me, has been getting me into trouble.

His lordship quelled the riot without the smallest difficulty, ordering Felix back to the sofa, requesting Jessamy to call off the Baluchistan hound, and adding that when he felt a desire to be deafened by a couple of gabble-mongers he would inform them of it.

Moreover, I very much doubt whether he would be prepared to extend a welcome to the Baluchistan hound.

By 1991, after graduating from bomb school, Yousef returned to Baluchistan province in Pakistan.

Yousef is said to have bought a house in Quetta, the Baluchistan capital, and settled down for a time with his young wife.

Ironically, in the first few weeks after the bombing, he was exactly where his PIA escape ticket said he would be: Quetta, the capital of his home province of Baluchistan, 375 miles from Karachi.

Not only was Bhutto an attractive, educated, pro-Western woman seeking to run a Muslim nation, her father, Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, had suppressed a major tribal uprising in Baluchistan during his own tenure as prime minister.

Despite a wife and two young daughters back in Baluchistan, Yousef soon began dating a pretty twenty-one-year-old named Aminda Custodio.

Even today, locked down in the Supermax prison, the reed-thin bomber from Baluchistan continues to strike fear in the hearts of Americans.

And I was watching a travelogue about Baluchistan on the little portable TV I keep on the counter.

Chad, Czechoslovakia, Sumatra, Siam, Baluchistan, and Bolivia as America and the Communist League firm their power boundaries.

All year round, a south wind blows from the sea into Baluchistan, so wherever we saw a tree it was always grown in a contorted arc, bending inland, like an arm beckoning us to come ashore.

Pashtuns, who are concentrated in the southern part of the country, extending into the North-West Frontier and Baluchistan provinces of Pakistan.

KSM grew up in Kuwait but traces his ethnic lineage to the Baluchistan region straddling Iran and Pakistan.