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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Fergie's title has been casually lined through with a ballpoint pen.
▪ I could hardly wait, for example, to get my hands on the original ballpoint pen.
▪ There were a couple of ballpoint pens clipped to the top left-hand pocket of his white coat.
▪ The first was a plastic ballpoint pen.
▪ As far as they could tell, the writing, by a ballpoint, was Egan's.
▪ Erlich had out his ballpoint and his notebook.
▪ Fergie's title has been casually lined through with a ballpoint pen.
▪ I could hardly wait, for example, to get my hands on the original ballpoint pen.
▪ I move again and try to write some notes, but it is cold enough to freeze the ballpoint off my biro.
▪ I took the book and a supply of ballpoint pens back in February.
▪ The words, written in ballpoint, were sweat-smudged. 4.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

ballpoint \ballpoint\ n. a pen which has a small metal ball as point of transfer of ink to paper, at the tip of a cylandrical and non-refillable reservoir of ink; -- short for ballpoint pen.

Syn: ballpoint pen, ballpen, Biro.


n. (context colloquial English) A ballpoint pen, biro.


n. a pen that has a small metal ball as the point of transfer of ink to paper [syn: ballpoint pen, ballpen, Biro]


Usage examples of "ballpoint".

Buick from stem to stern, the young people dusting and brushing and snapping pictures, Bibi with a clipboard, walking around and sometimes pointing wordlessly at something with his ballpoint pen.

Tattoos riddled his shoulders, and according to one report, he continued to add to his body art while incarcerated with the aid of a needle and a ballpoint pen.

Dylan Ebdus and Mingus Rude like figures stepping through mists of silence every few weeks to read a comic book or fool around with tags in ballpoint, dry runs, rehearsals for something else.

Georgetown condo was like something out of Gorky Park, policemen in clumsy thick overcoats lumbering in and out, reporters taking notes, fumbling with their ballpoints through heavy gloves.

On the table were an open three-ring binder, a couple of ballpoints, and a book entitled Advanced Calculus.

Chapter 4 STUBBS closed the phone book and put away his ballpoint pen and the old piece of envelope and walked back out of the drugstore on to 10th Avenue.

So while he still remembered where it was, he got down on his knees on the sidewalk and opened the map up and made a mark with his ballpoint pen where the druggist had said he could find Grand Central.

Father John fished through the inside pocket of his parka and withdrew a small spiral notebook and a ballpoint pen.

Banner laid the ballpoint pen across the yellow pad and leaned back, lacing his hands behind his head.

Father John reached into his parka pocket and brought out his small spiral notebook and ballpoint pen.

Grabbing a ballpoint pen from a stand that looked like a miniature basketball, he began scribbling.

He chewed the end of his ballpoint pen, then turned over the sheet of paper.

The man nodded, scribbled one final note, then he closed the file and put down the ballpoint pen.

Wednesday chuckled, and began to pore over his maps, unfolding and refolding them, making occasional notes on a yellow legal pad with a large silver ballpoint pen.

He did not need his Muse for what he now took out his ballpoint pen to write.