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n. (alternative spelling of ball carrier English)

Usage examples of "ballcarrier".

Moving on the ground, Centrex picked up three, eight, nine, then lost four on a good tackle by Dennis Smee who went spinning off a block and hit the ballcarrier very hard around the midsection as he hesitated while bellying out on a sweep.

John Butler fought off a block and held the ballcarrier upright at the 23.

Only the ballcarrier, one man, could attempt to use evasion and finesse in avoiding the primal impact.

No offensive player could pass in front of or behind the ballcarrier while the ballcarrier was still behind the line of scrimmage.

Linemen fired out and the ballcarrier just lowered his head and went pounding into the tense rhythmic mass.

And bringing a ballcarrier down by dragging at the breechcloth was supposed to be outside the pale, but when it was done and resulted in a man revealed in all his deficiency, great hilarity ensued both in the crowd and among the players.

It was a great confusing huddle of men, and the ball was no bigger than a walnut, so the spectators could hardly tell what was happening until a ballcarrier broke free to run.

They picked up two on the ground, not very stylishly, Kidd and Lowry driving the ballcarrier back about ten yards while the official chased them blowing Ms whistle.

John Billy, as they break the huddle, what a story behind this boy, a message of hope and inspiration for all those similarly afflicted, and now look at him literally slicing through those big ballcarriers.