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ball field

n. the baseball playing field [syn: baseball field, diamond]

Usage examples of "ball field".

They skidded to a stop at the loveliest ball park in Chamisa County, the only ball park with a grass infield and outfield--in fact, the only ball field with grass, period.

Though how Joe could see out the spider-web cracks decorating the windshield was a mystery to Herbie Goldfarb, and why they didn't suffer three or four blowouts on the way to the ball field the VISTA volunteer never knew.

At last I climbed on Rocket, the other guys got on their bikes, and we left the ball field and our summer dreams.

The job of government is to protect the people, to enforce the law, and to make sure people play by the rules, like the umpires on a ball field.

An electric-ball field tends to spread itself on the surface and release.

That was about the funniest and strangest thing ever seen on a ball field.

She was skipping off behind the backstop of the closest ball field when she heard a voice call out.

It might not match the emerald-green grass field of the professional stadium at Krondor, but it was a ball field.