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n. (plural of bale English)


Bales may refer to a person:

  • Alison Bales (b. 1985), American basketball player
  • Barry Bales (b. 1969), American musician
  • Billy Bales (b. 1929), former British motorcycle speedway racer
  • Burt Bales (1917–1989), American jazz pianist
  • Christopher Bales (c. 1564–1590), English Catholic priest and martyr
  • Dalton Bales (1920–1979), Canadian politician and lawyer
  • Gerald Bales (1919–2002), Canadian organist and composer
  • James D. Bales (1915–1995), American bible professor
  • Kevin Bales, American author and slavery expert
  • Lee Bales (b. 1944), former American basketball player
  • Mike Bales (b. 1971), former Canadian ice hockey player
  • Peter Bales (1547-c. 1610), English calligraphist
  • Robert Bales (b. 1973), American soldier who murdered 16 Afghan civilians
  • Robert F. Bales (b. 1916), American social psychologist
  • Steve Bales, NASA engineer and flight controller
  • Thomas Bales, drummer for country rock band Flynnville Train

Usage examples of "bales".

Ralph Bales was thirty-nine, muscular, hairy everywhere but on the head.

Ralph Bales and Stevie Flom walked briskly to a stolen black Trans Am with a sporty red racing stripe on the side.

As they drove slowly to the river Ralph Bales watched the aura of lights rising up from St.

Ralph Bales had not been able to see clearly if it was the beer man or not.

Ralph Bales stepped into a phone booth, whose floor was covered with the tiny blue cubes from its four shattered windows.

Now the surface had a rusty sheen to it, mirroring a redness in the sky that came, Ralph Bales believed, from garbage pumped into the air by refineries outside of Wood River, across the Mississippi.

A few minutes later Ralph Bales emerged, slicking back his thinning hair with damp hands.

Lombro had walked up to Ralph Bales and, as the children were cutting the cake, struck up a conversation.

Ralph Bales mentioned, vaguely, unions and shipping companies and waterfront services and Teamsters.

Ralph Bales touched him on the arm in a special way and offered his card.

Ralph Bales let the word float through the room like a puff of cigarette smoke.

Ralph Bales remained alive to pay it back, out of his salary, but his name was suspect in Chicago ever after.

The job went smoothly, though Ralph Bales had been irritated by arrogant Stevie.

Ralph Bales tried to remember the last time he had heard someone use that word.

Then he asked another question, one that Ralph Bales had not anticipated, though it was one of those questions that did not really need an answer.