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Balch (crater)

Balch is a crater on Venus at latitude 29.9, longitude 282.9 in Devana Chasma, Central Beta Regio. It is 40 km in diameter and named after Emily Balch, though it was originally designated Somerville crater. This crater is one of the few examples of tectonically modified craters seen on Venus. The absence of such craters indicates a possible cessation of tectonic deformation on Venus at some point in history.


Balch is a surname that may apply to:

  • Albert V. Balch (1828-1915), American politician
  • Antony Balch (1937-1980), British film director
  • Emily Greene Balch (1867-1961), American pacifist and Nobel Peace Prize recipient
  • Rear Admiral George Beall Balch (1821-1908), American
    • USS Balch (DD-363)
    • USS Balch (DD-50)
  • Herbert E. Balch (1869-1958), British archaeologist and caver
  • John Balch, builder of the John Balch House (1679), in Beverly, Massachusetts
  • John Henry Balch (1896-1980), United States Navy
  • Joseph Pope Balch (1822-1872), American Civil War veteran of Rhode Island
  • Oscar B. Balch, American decorator who built the Oscar B. Balch House (1911) by Frank Lloyd Wright
  • Pamela Balch, president of West Virginia Wesleyan College
  • Reg Balch (1894-1994), British Canadian photographer and scientist
  • Robert Balch (1945- ), American sociologist
  • Stephen Balch, American scholar
  • Stephen Bloomer Balch (1747-1833), American Presbyterian minister
  • Thomas Balch (1821-1877), American historian

Usage examples of "balch".

It was Balch who had made my decision for me, back there at our first meeting.

I simply meant that Balch wouldn't want his son tying up with anybody he could ride over.

Maybe I'd guessed wrong on Balch, but he seemed like he didn't care two whoops for anything, and had I not been there to more or less even things up he might have been a whole lot rougher.

His regular hands get thirty, and Balch has passed the word that any of his hands who prove themselves will also get forty.

I said, too seriously, "these cattle go over to Balch and Saddler to drop their calves.

You brace Balch with something like that and you'll be shootin' the next minute.

Roger Balch, whom I'd not met, was obviously young, not too far from her own age, and he was a rancher's son .

Barby Ann was a good cook, and Roger Balch was missing a bet if that was what he wanted.

The major was the one man who made Balch and Saddler hold their fire, but if they could marry him into the family .

And Rock Springs Schoolhouse is on the Balch and Saddler range, and Kurt Floyd is the Balch and Saddler blacksmith.

They came in, led by Balch, who was a well-built man of not over five feet five, which was only an inch or so below the average.

You run more cattle on your ranch than Balch and Saddler and the major combined!

Nobody but Roger Balch can afford a price like that, or maybe the major.

I do not think it is Balch and Saddler, nor do I think it is Stirrup-Iron.

You might tell Balch he should have a talk with me before he starts swinging that loop of his.