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Bäl is a settlement on the Swedish island of Gotland. Formerly a socken, on 1January 2016, it was reconstituted into the administrative area Bäl District.

Usage examples of "bal".

Bal had lent Barrie to us, and without a woman to aid and abet him, it seemed to me that he was powerless.

Bal neatly dissect his fish, Oulette wondered yet again why of all the restaurants in Lyon, a city filled with them, his was the one that should receive this regular honour.

Bal Shem Tov, is only acceptable to God if it flows from a joyous heart.

Zij zou dien avond, behalve met Freddy, ook met haar beide zoons naar het bal bij de Eekhofs gaan, terwijl mevrouw Van Rijssel thuis bleef, als een stille, melancholieke jonge vrouw, wier glimlach uitgewischt scheen op haar wasbleek gelaat en die nog slechts leefde voor haar kinderen.

Mary had torches brought that they might dance as she had in the salle de bal at Fontainebleau the branle des torches in which the dancers passed torches from one to the other.

Je le menai dans les bals les plus brillants de la saison, chez Mme X .

Pilotes, et mele au bruit des lames qui brisent des airs de bals de barriere.

COMEDIE HUMAINE SCENES DE LA VIE PRIVEE SCENES FROM PRIVATE LIFE La Maison du Chat-qui Pelote At the Sign of the Cat and Racket Le Bal de Sceaux The Ball at Sceaux La Bourse The Purse La Vendetta The Vendetta Mme.

March, after seven sorties in the Nikolajew and Balta area, I take off with my squadron on the eighth of the day, our first mission for five days against the bridge at Jampol.

Eline wekte in haar altijd een verward vizioen van bals, met gouden uniformen en gedecolleteerde dames op.

It is a girl called Marie Joliet, who used every evening to come drunk to the Bal Bullier, and who had a look in her eyes of death galvanised into life.

Bal des Copains, where I sometimes used to spend an hour or two on Saturday evening.

He was heading for Bal Harbor on Miami Beach where Figaro had told him there was an excellent shopping mall opposite a classy Sheraton, with the sea view he had stipulated.

BAL, representative or personification of the sun, was one of the Great Gods of Syria, Assyria, and Chaldea, and his name is found upon the monuments of Nimroud, and frequently occurs in the Hebrew writings.

Marriage to Andre changed me, she thought one evening at a bal rnasqugiven by Princess Lieven, as she watched Simon waltzing with Caro Kenilworth, who was still doggedly pursuing him with a view to marriage.