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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Baken \Bak"en\, p. p. of Bake. [Obs. or Archaic]


vb. (context UK dialectal Northern England English) (form of Alternative past participle bake English).

Usage examples of "baken".

It was getting impossible for anyone but Haraket to know which new dragonet belonged with which new dragon boy, or in which pen, and Haraket was so busy that unless something actually went wrong, he left the new boys and dragonets to Baken and the trainers.

It was Baken, not Vetch and Fisk, who weeded out the unsuitable boys from the ones that would take proper care of their dragonets.

But if Vetch was any judge, that was absolutely the last thing that Baken wanted.

Vetch noted without surprise that Baken wore a hawk-eye talisman made, not of the usual pottery, but one like Haraket sported, cast from silver and inlaid with enamel.

He paused a moment, and signaled to a server, who plunked down a platter of still-sizzling meat and another of onions between them, with an undisguised look of hero worship for Baken, who answered it with a wink.

Instead, it accepted their presence and eventually was relatively relaxed as first Baken, then Vetch handled it.

As Baken stood back from his handiwork, Vetch strode across the sand with confidence and calm, both of which were going to be very important to keep the youngster from feeling uneasy as he approached.

He greeted the dragon as Baken had shown him, as an adult greeted a subadult, with a breathy trill and a head bump, then without a pause, he vaulted up into the saddle.

But that was unnerving enoughclearly another reason why Baken wanted someone brave!

And now, thanks to Baken, Vetch knew how to train Avatre without having to ask Ari.

The only time he might have said anything was to Bakenand Baken was not inclined to talk about anything other than the progress of the blue dragonet.

Sometimes, it was when Vetch moved a little too quickly, once, when Baken accidentally pinched a fold of skin while harnessing him.

So Vetch had to blunder through on his own, with common sense, what he learned from Baken, and what he overheard from the trainers.

This was a training technique he knew well, and the dragon trainers were mightily impressed with the ploys that Baken had used so far.

Without Baken, he probably would never have escaped successfully with her.