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The Bahagian Agama dan Kaunseling (Religious And Counselling Division) or BAKA is the Muslim chaplain service of the Royal Malaysian Police.

<!-- THIS ENTIRE ARTICLE IS COMPLETELY IMPOSSIBLE TO UNDERSTAND SO WILL HAVE TO BE TOTALLY REWRITTEN. UNTIL THEN I HAVE COMMENTED IT ALL OUT.......................The Bahagian Agama dan Kaunseling (Religious Division And Counselling, BAKA) from Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) (after this cited as BAKA PDRM only) realisation revenue from Laporan Suruhanjaya Penambahbaikan Perjalanan and Pengurusan PDRM or RMP Improvement Commission Travel Report And Management on 13 May 2005 who proposes that religious division established to spiritual development and police officer’s moral. At the same time, Psychology And Counselling Branch complied the application additional 537 designation this that have been developed to Civil Service Department on 28 May 2005. In connection with that, to meet the current needs, both Religious Division And Psychology And Counselling Branch were approved his establishment follow Designation Warrant K41 year 2007 dated 3 April 2007. As many as 1,503 designation approved where 20% from it filled by the officer with uniform (police) and all that public officer (comprised from the officer Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia, JAKIM) and JPA Counsellor. BAKA operate in Bukit Aman order, contingent, district, brigade and battalion, Marine Police Force, Federal Reserve Unit (FRU) And Police Air Wing. Every officer, staff and civil officers transferred to BAKA PDRM Bukit Aman musts report to Deputy Secretariat Chief of IGP (Religious And Counselling) at Bukit Aman And Breed Chief (Contingent, District And Formation) or officer whose delegated during ketiadaanya. Every officer, staff and officers those civil want to be converted out or absorb to any BAKA PDRM's level also need to get view and agreement from Deputy Secretariat Chief of IGP (Religious And Counselling), Bukit Aman.

Baka (word)

Baka (馬鹿, ばか, or バカ) means "fool; idiot", or (as an adjectival noun) "foolish" and is the most frequently used pejorative term in the Japanese language. This word baka has a long history, an uncertain etymology (possibly from Sanskrit or Classical Chinese), and linguistic complexities.

Baka (prince)

Baka is the name of an ancient Egyptian prince. He is known for his destroyed statuette. He is also subject of a theory that claims he was pharaoh of Egypt for a very short time. Thus, he might be identical to a scarcely known king named Bikheris.

Usage examples of "baka".

From now on, you must show your respect of the spirits by showing respect for the lives of the Baka Ban Mana.

As to their part, the Baka Ban Mana may no longer make war on the Majendie.

I was young, I saw a Baka Ban Mana blade master who had gotten into the garrison in Tanimura kill nearly fifty well-armed soldiers before he was taken down.

Fluidly, he slipped among the attackers, splintering spears when he could, trying to disarm the Baka Ban Mana without killing them.

But only through the blood of thirty Baka Ban Mana could the killing stop.

Caharin will announce his arrival by dancing with the spirits, and spilling the blood of thirty Baka Ban Mana, a feat none but the chosen one could accomplish except with the aid of the spirits.

If you do not accept this, do not let the Baka Ban Mana live in peace, our truce will be ended.

Harm the Baka Ban Mana, harm Sister Verna, or harm me, and the truce will be ended, and I promise you we will have war!

He had so far found only a few references in old books that talked about the Valley of the Lost, and the Baka Ban Mana, but what he found was intriguing.

The information made reference to the power the wizards had given the Baka Ban Mana in return for taking their land, so that they could someday have their land restored.

If he was wrong, and this failed, he had no reason to worry about all the Baka Ban Mana being disappointed in him.

But, eeee, to articulate that about the boy was baka in the extreme, however correct an Act of State such an action might be.

I cut your baka hearts out--a haircut does not make me any less samurai!

Stinking gai-jin, he thought, as if a futile attempted burglary by a baka ronin mattered--of course the man was just a simple ronin thief and not after the girl, what civilized man would want one of them?

Everyone is baka, Raiko is baka, but not Katsumata --he is not baka, he was right again: without the shit I would be dead, or worse, captured alive.