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Bair is a surname. Notable people with the surname include:

  • Brandon Bair (born 1984), American football player
  • Charles M. Bair (1857–1943), American businessman
  • Dale Bair, United States Marine Corps officer
  • Deirdre Bair, American writer
  • Doug Bair (born 1949), American baseball player
  • Donald Bair, American politician
  • Hilbert Bair (1894–1985), American World War I flying ace
  • John Bair (born 1962), American actor and comedian
  • Margaret H. Bair, United States Air Force general
  • Michael Bair, American comic book artist
  • Puran Bair (born 1944), American writer
  • RaNae Bair (born 1943), American javelin thrower
  • Sheila Bair (born 1954), American businesswoman
  • Steve Bair (born 1958), American politician

Usage examples of "bair".

Amys or Bair would probably have washed in it cold, though in fact they always took sweat baths.

Egwene supposed that with Rand bringing so much change, Bair wanted to hold on to as much of the old ways as she could, but she wished the woman could have chosen something else to be intractable over.

So she did chores right along with Aviendha, accepted chastisement with as good a grace as she could muster, and hopped whenever Amys or Melaine or Bair said frog.

Bair could very likely make even Siuan Sanche jump through hoops, and Bair could not even channel.

Aviendha stood among a delegation of Wise Ones, Amys and Bair and Melaine, Sorilea of course, Chaelin, a Smoke Water Miagoma with touches of gray in her dark red hair, and Edarra, a Neder Shiande who looked not much older than himself, though she already had an apparently unshakable calm in her blue eyes and a straight-backed presence to match the others.

Most of the Wise Ones had donned a flat expression, but Bair and Sorilea both wore open disapproval.

Ducking inside, she found the rider, Berelain, sipping tea with Amys and Bair and Sorilea, all stretched out on bright, tasseled cushions.

Egwene had learned to hold her own with Amys and Bair, after a fashion, but Sorilea .

Had the Wise Ones been less snappish, she might have tried to spend time reading in her tent, but the one time she touched a book except at night by lamplight, Bair muttered so about girls wasting their days lying about lazily that Egwene murmured that she had forgotten something and scurried out of the tent before she was found something more useful to do.

A quick trip, and then Bair and Amys came to wake her and see whether it had had any ill effect.

Amys and Bair were already there, looking no different than they had that morning, except that all their necklaces and bracelets sparkled a bit more than even gold really should have.

Amys and Bair adjusted their shawls and frowned, their irritation beginning to turn to concern.

She glanced at Amys and Bair, so full of silent disapproval they could have been carved of winter stone.

Which was how the Wise Ones walked in on him, Amys and Bair and Sorilea and a dozen or so more.

All he needed was Amys or Bair or some other to pass by in the street and wonder.