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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Bain \Bain\ (b[=a]n; as F., b[a^]N), n. [F. bain, fr. L. balneum. Cf. Bagnio.] A bath; a bagnio. [Obs.]
--Holland. [1913 Webster] ||


Etymology 1 a. 1 (context Now chiefly dialectal English) ready; willing. 2 (context Now chiefly dialectal English) direct; near; short; gain. 3 (context Now chiefly dialectal English) limber; pliant; flexible. adv. 1 (context Now chiefly dialectal English) readily; willingly. 2 (context Now chiefly dialectal English) nearby; at hand. alt. 1 (context Now chiefly dialectal English) ready; willing. 2 (context Now chiefly dialectal English) direct; near; short; gain. 3 (context Now chiefly dialectal English) limber; pliant; flexible. Etymology 2

alt. (label en obsolete) A bath. n. (label en obsolete) A bath.


Bain may refer to:

Bain (surname)

Bain is an English, French, and Scottish surname. It may also be a variant form of a German surname.

Bain shares many of the same origins as the surname Baines.

Usage examples of "bain".

Even Signora Strega-Borgia had joined in, apparently overcoming whatever it was that had ailed her and devouring course after course of Tituss birthday banquet, badly prepared by Marie Bain and surreptitiously adjusted by Mrs McLachlan.

Hecate Brinstone had revealed a talent for baking bread, and her braided challahs, marzipan-filled stollens and crusty ciabattas had emerged from the depths of the range, causing Marie Bain to mutter bitterly into her soiled handkerchief as she ostentatiously buttered herself a stale slice of shop-bought white.

Buddhic cable-knit Harv, dandling his bear on his knee now, calmly asks Kevin Bain if it feels to his Inner Infant like Mommy and Daddy were ever going to appear cribside to meet his needs.

Toly Gaber came around a corner as Bain reached the end of the north building.

And he has the same capacity for constant incredible sweating that always made Marlon Bain look to Hal, both on-court and off-, like a toad hunched moist and unblinking in humid shade.

But the presence of civilians in Oost Dunkirk and Les Bains gave an air of security and quietude to the place which was very soothing to the heart of the soldier.

Les Bossenno recouvrent une villa gallo-romaine qui etait etablie la, au bout du monde connu, avec ses murs de pierre et de brique, ses chambres peintes de vives couleurs, sa metairie, ses bains et son temple, telle enfin que Columelle decrit une villa romaine.

Aiel women kept to themselves, Bain and Chiad striding along on either side of Swallow when one or the other was not ranging ahead.

Beside her Marie Bain was slowly pegging out several tent-like black corsets and shrunken stripy stockings, the cooks body language clearly indicating that she regarded guest laundry as a task not within her job description.

Bain turned an unbecoming shade of green, and with a gargle like a drain coming finally unblocked, leant over the cauldron and was copiously sick within.

Les jolies filles des Bains chinois doivent etre bien tristes de votre absence.

Normally he makes daily visits to the baths at the Bain Chinois so he can nap, rumor has it.

Arabs in scarlet and blue cloaks passed by to the Bain Maure, under whose white and blue archway lounged the Kabyle masseurs with folded, muscular arms.

Fenter Bain liked privacy, and he had built the electrified fence, and the shack disguised as a strawstack, and he had been raising a tiny field of vegetable which he insisted was a special muskmelon, not quite developed for market as yet, it was true.

What if by some miracle Charles Treadway had managed to think up an invention that actually worked, and Bain had been collecting royalties or whatever they called them for years without ever giving the widow her rightful share?