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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1945, in aviation, from bail (v.) + out (adv.). As "federal help for private business in trouble," from 1968.


n. 1 a rescue, especially a financial rescue 2 a backup supply of air in scuba diving


A bailout is a colloquial term for giving financial support to a company or country which faces serious financial difficulty or bankruptcy. It may also be used to allow a failing entity to fail gracefully without spreading contagion. A bailout can, but does not necessarily, avoid an insolvency process.

The term is maritime in origin being the act of removing water from a sinking vessel using a smaller bucket. A bailout differs from the term bail-in (coined in the 2010s) under which the bondholders and/or depositors of global systemically important financial institutions (G-SIFIs) are forced to participate in the process, but taxpayers supposedly are not. Some governments have the power to participate in the insolvency process: for instance, the U.S. government intervened in the General Motors bailout of 2009–2013.

Bailout (disambiguation)

Bailout or Bail out may refer to:

  • Bailout, in economics, an act of loaning or giving capital to an entity that is in danger of failing
  • Bailout (film), an upcoming film starring Jack Black
  • Bailout bottle, an emergency gas cylinder carried by a diver
  • Bail out, to secure the release of an arrested person by providing bail money.
  • Bail out or Bale out, to exit an aircraft while in flight, using a Parachute
  • Bale Out, a satirical dance remix by American composer Lucian Piane
  • Bail Out (1989 film), starring David Hasselhoff
  • " Bailout", an episode on the show, Parks and Recreation.

Usage examples of "bailout".

The human operator couldn’t bailout in time and she came out of it paralyzed.

Dors had probably been operating under the assumption that the failure to bailout was a temporary error.

The poor quality of life-saving gear that had been sent to us, I wrote, added to the risk of an emergency bailout from a disabled airplane and escape-and-evasion in hostile territories.

            Memoir: Parachute Logistics, Korean War, Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio, 1949-1950       Preface       This memoir concerns a decision I made at the outbreak of the Korean War for procurement of aircrew emergency bailout parachutes for the United States Air Force (USAF).

      Decision       Rather than procure 50,000 man-carrying (emergency bailout) parachutes as complete assemblies, e.

At the 'maximum' age of 7 years, personnel parachutes were, by USAF regulation, to be removed from further service for aircrew emergency bailout, although they could be used for cargo drops.

      Priorities       My highest priorities for USAF in Korea were aircrew parachutes, aircraft emergency life preservers, aircrew emergency bailout survival kits (attached to parachute harnesses), oxygen masks, and components ('components,' for instance, took into account that inflatable life preservers are not much help to an aircrew member floating in the sea if the CO2 inflation cartridges had not been checked and installed or had been discharged for an unauthorized purpose.

There was a pause, then the voice from the speaker added softly, "Bailout failure.

You might get a double wave, one crest on top of another, and that would force an early bailout.

The only winners in this deal are the taxpayers of Miami, who will be spared their annual $500,000 bailout of Ralph's party.

It's also no surprise that cane growers are turning for a bailout to their favorite slobbering lapdogs, the state politicians in Tallahassee.

With the Combat Talon now climbing to drop altitude, the men had all switched to bottled oxygen from their bailout bottles.

His bailout bottle, the size of a small fire extinguisher, was strapped to his left side.

Their bailout bottles and masks--Murdock found his mask had snagged somehow beneath his reserve chute pack--went too, sinking into nine hundred feet of water.

She told the senator he should attack NASA's huge budget overruns and continued White House bailouts as the quintessential example of President Herney's careless overspending.