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n. (context usually "baile funk" English) A specific genre of dance music originating in Rio de Janeiro, also known as Funk Carioca

Baile (Spanish play)

A baile (which means 'dance' in Spanish) or baile entremesado is a short theatrical piece in the Spanish Golden Age (Siglo de Oro) tradition. It consists of an elaborate production number with singing and dancing, and is used between the acts of a comedia. Bailes were humorous performances featuring elaborate choreography and acrobatics. Their themes were usually unrelated to the main performance during whose intermission they occurred.

Baile is closely related to entremés and mojiganga.


Băile may refer to several places in Romania:

  • Băile, a village in Balta Albă Commune, Buzău County
  • Băile 1 Mai and Băile Felix, spas in Sânmartin Commune, Bihor County
  • Băile Herculane, a town in Caraş-Severin County
  • Băile Chirui, a village in Lueta Commune, Harghita County
  • Băile Homorod, a village in Vlăhiţa town, Harghita County
  • Băile Tuşnad, a town in Harghita County
  • Băile Borşa, a neighborhood of Borşa town, Maramureş County, and a separate village until 1968
  • Băile Govora, a town in Vâlcea County
  • Băile Olăneşti, a town in Vâlcea County
  • Băile Drânceni, a village in Drânceni Commune, Vaslui County

Usage examples of "baile".

Liallainn an am baile Chill-Mhartainn, ann an sgire Dhun Domhnuill, anns a bhliadhnaseachd ceud deug agus a haon!

Too, according to words accompanied by blood from the lips of an old woman dying of obscene wounds, this band of fivescore was accompanied by a shaman she swore had sent a writhing foggy darkness on the tiny settlement of Baile Ablaich.

Beollain of Baile Nua along with several squads of soldiers along those hidden paths with the task of opening the gates and doors of the keep from the inside as the main force approached.

Ethiopians will be attempting to withdraw along the road to Dessie and to link up with Baile Selassie at Lake Tona but the Sardi Gorge is like a dagger in their ribs.